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Finishing steps

Our services cover a wide range of finishing steps.



In order to meet your requirements for your products, we combine our various pretreatment steps in order to achieve an optimal and environmentally-friendly pretreatment result


  • Singeing
  • Desizing
  • Scouring
  • Bleaching
  • Causticising
  • Cotton, viscose, PES fabrics, linen, non-wovens and their blends in a width of 80-320 cm


Depending on your wishes, we create individual colour formulations for you, which also allow a combination of several dyes to achieve the required colour fastness and/or wash fastness.


  • Substantive dyes
  • Vat / Indanthrene® dyes
  • Sulphuric dyes
  • Reactive dyes
  • Pigmentation of cotton, fleece, viscose, linen fabrics and their blends in a width of 80–340 cm
  • Dispersion for PES fabrics, non-wovens and their blends in a width of 80–320 cm

Mechanical finishing

A variety of surface treatments round off the successful production process.


They transform the textile fabrics into a leathery or velvety tactility. Different piles are tactile pleasures that entice customers to reach for your product. All these mechanical processes influence the feel and appearance. They provide tear resistance, breathability and abrasion protection.

  • Calendering (up to 340 cm)
  • Grinding (up to 170 cm)
  • Raising (up to 320 cm)
  • Sanforising (up to 265cm)
  • Cotton, viscose, PES fabrics, linen, non-wovens and their blends in a width of 80–340 cm

Treatment and coating

For your high-tech textiles, we apply special products and treatments with our padding process to give your products high-quality technical properties.


In addition, our machinery has a coating unit for the application of PU- or acrylate-based coatings.

  • Finishing (up to 320 cm)
    • Flame retardant (non-permanent) in accordance with DIN 4102 / FMVSS 302
    • Vector protection finishing
    • Hydrophobic/hydrophilic
    • soft grip /stiffening finishing
    • Antifouling finishing
    • Printing pretreatments (digital/pigment/reactive/dispersion)
    • High-grade finishing
    • Antistatic finishing
    • Sewability lubricantsn
    • Special finishing
    • Heat setting (up to 320 cm)
  • Spread coating (up to 200 cm)

Final presentation

We refine your cotton, linen, viscose and rayon fabrics and non-wovens in widths from 80 cm to 340 cm. We turn raw textile material into something useful, beautiful and efficient. For the clothing sector, technical textile products, as well as decorative and home textiles.


  • Cutting (up to 340 cm) with various pressure cutting modules
  • Rolling (up to 340 cm)
  • Palletising
  • Fabric inspection

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