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Our variety of application areas and possibilities

Product portfolio

Our product portfolio is broad and covers a wide range of sectors and applications. We use the many years of experience of our specialist staff to find high-quality solutions for your textile requirements.

Home and Eventex

With flame retardant finishing in accordance with DIN 4102 (Bw, PES)

  • For exhibition booth construction
  • For theatre and concert stages 
  • For big events (e.g. world championships)  
  • Curtains for sports area partitions  
Sector/field of applicationSubstrate/article Finish/brandsApplication/products
Booth construction/equipmentBw stage molton, PES stage moltonnapped, flame retardant – DIN 4102decorative textiles for exhibition booths, display windows
Event textilesBw – woven, PES – wovennapped, flame retardant – DIN 4102theatre curtains, concert curtains
Home textilesBw – clothsaloe veraBw – cloths
Bed linenBw – woven, PES – woven/td>napped, dyed, foldedHomeware (organic textiles – Standard, IVN – GOTS), plain tile bed linen, rental linen (for hotels, etc.)

Technical textiles

  • Adhesive strips, tapes
  • Adhesive strips, tapes
  • Printing blankets
  • Support material for artificial leather
  • Military sector, vector protection
  • Abrasives


With flame retardant finishing in accordance with DIN 4102 (Bw,PES)

  • High-quality technical workwear
  • Fashionable fabrics for well-known brands
Sector/field of application Substrate/article Finish/brandsApplication/products
Safety apparelBw – woven, PES – satinfolded, flame retardant – DIN 4102workwear, fluorescent clothing

Sleeve webbing for bias band

  • for blankets (homeware)
  • Clothing textiles, but also for
  • Stroller linings
  • Technical sleeve webbing for PVC coatings for the automotive sector
  • Technical sleeve webbing for truck seats with flame-retardant finishing in accordance with DIN 4102 and FMVSS 302
Sector/field of application Substrate/article Finish/brandsApplication/products
Inclined beltsBw – sleeve webbingdyeing, flame retardant – DIN 4102, various treatmentsblankets, apparel textiles, pram lining, technical sleeve webbing with PVC – coatings for automotive sector, commercial vehicles – seats with flame retardant finish

Textiles for the medical sector

  • Incontinence draw sheets
  • Wound dressings, bandages
  • Surgical drapes
Sector/field of application Substrate/article Finish/brandsApplication/products
Medical sectorPES – woven, CV – wovenanti-static, hydrophobicincontinence draw sheets, wound pads, bandages, gauze, surgical gowns, clean room suits, leasing – laundry

Fabrics for the cleaning and food sector

  • „Cleaning mops“
  • Towelettes
  • Functional towels
  • Sausage skins
  • Jewellery cleaning cloths, polishing cloths
Sector/field of application Substrate/article Finish/brandsApplication/products
Hygiene sector/cleaning sectorBw – wovennapped, fungicide, antibacterial, Aegis, Duftavivagenfreshening wipes, cleaning wipes, Jewellery/silver/leather/spectacle cleaning cloths, cleaning mops
Food sectorBw – woven, PES – woven, CV – wovendesizing, washed out in accordance with food standardsausage skins

Coating base fabrics

  • Tent fabric with hydrophobic, breathable finishing
  • Special fabrics for the automotive sector
  • PU and acrylate coatings with highly technical properties

Further products in our portfolio

Sector/field of application Substrate/articleFinish/brandsApplication/products
Outerwear, sportswearBw – woven fabric mixed with PES/(Kashmir-) wool/silk/kapokdyed, foldedhighly fashionable, innovative outerwear, HAKA, DOB, ecological clothing textiles (IVN - GOTS, kbA)
MiscellaneousBw – woven,PES – woven,CV – woven-stamp pad fabric, upholstery fabrics, label fabrics, sound-absorbing textiles, adhesive tapes, abrasive tapes, coating carriers, tapes

All at a glance

Our entire product portfolio and our production widths at a glance:

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Portfolio as PDF (german)

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